Terrace Garden Planter is an extremely well built, Powder Coated, Steel Planter that comes with a Self Watering System.  Hook up your garden hose with a timer, tie into your current irrigation or use your rain barrel with a pump!

Water Conservation and Happy Plants......     Thanks to consistent Watering!

The tree can be built in various heights from  7 ft. tall down to 3 ft. and can be built in half formation to sit flat again a wall or in a corner.  Easy to take apart to change location or the format from year to year.  And is priced very reasonably @ $249.00

"Dedicated to providing today's eco-sensitive gardener with the tools necessary for the production of organic home-grown products"  

We love our Terrace Garden Planters.  They beautify our yard, and are the summer attraction in our neighborhood.

--Elizabeth Proctor


We moved from the country into the city and therefore lost the opportunity to have a garden.  Terrace Garden Planters gave us that opportunity back again!

--Rod Tribiger


Gone are the days of large farms being the only producers of plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Today's health-conscious and eco-sensitive consumer seeks options to both produce home-grown products, and control the way these products are grown.

At Terrace Garden Planters, our vision is to provide today's consumer with the tools to both produce and control the production of organic home-grown products.

Our Philosophy